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07:06 PM Wt Help: Implementing wizard
I'm using WDialog with WStackedWidget.
It is good, but I'm unable to change default WPushButton in footer(): in last...
Ilya Nikulshin
06:16 PM Wt Bug #3674 (Closed): WSelectionBox::selectedIndexes()
I think it should start with
if (selectionMode\_ != ExtendedSelection)
throw WException("WSelectionBox::selectedIn...
Ilya Nikulshin
04:35 PM Wt Bug #3673 (Closed): WStringListModel::setFlags
I think, it should emit dataChanged().
For example, without this emit, corresponding row in WCombobox and WSelection...
Ilya Nikulshin


07:23 PM Wt Bug #3655: #define WT_USTRING WString
\#define WT\_USTRING Wt::WString
Ilya Nikulshin
07:22 PM Wt Bug #3655 (Closed): #define WT_USTRING WString
In WDllDefs.h:67 should be fixed to
\#define WT\_USTRING \*Wt::\*WString
Original code doesn't work without
using ...
Ilya Nikulshin


11:15 AM Wt Help: RE: refresh after setLocale is partial.
Changing locale is done by connecting WComboBox::activated() to ... WApplication::setLocale()
Ilya Nikulshin
11:13 AM Wt Help: refresh after setLocale is partial.
I'm bulding my Wt project from your examples: "Hangman" and "Wt homepage".
When I'm changing locale from Englis...
Ilya Nikulshin


04:06 PM Wt Help: RE: internal path issues
Can you share this wisdom?
I'm really stuck with those appRoot, docRoot, deploy-path, relativeResourcesUrl...
Ilya Nikulshin

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