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12:06 am Wt Open discussion: RE: WebController valid session id but no cookie received
And here's another one;...
09:30 pm Wt Open discussion: WebController valid session id but no cookie received
Just happened to notice this message in my console;...
09:22 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: Site for my Toy Projects with Wt
Nice work!


10:48 pm Wt Help: hook WTextEdit events
I am trying to 'hook' a WTextEdit event, and get a signal sent back to Wt. I have never worked with JSignal or anyth...


03:23 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: keyWentDown and keyPressed events do not propagate from WTextEdit
I wanted to tap this thread and see if there is any way to get events from tinymce back in to Wt? If anyone has look...


07:56 pm Wt Help: [error] "wthttp/proxy: error reading status line: End of file"
Getting this error message. Not sure what causes it, not sure how to fix it. It ~seems~ to happen roughly in the sa...


05:56 pm Wt Bug #7596 (New): WWebWidget::domElementType() pure virtual not in documentation
When attempting to subclass WFormWidget, the compiler complains of an unresolved pure virtual function from WWebWidge...


09:30 pm Wt Feature #7363: Access to Mail::Message::attachments()
ping :)


06:43 pm Wt Bug #7060: clientAddress behind proxy
Thank you, sir!


06:14 pm Wt Help: RE: WTableView Refresh
Then again... calling QueryModel::reload() also accomplishes the same result, but also leaves the selected item still...

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