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02:34 pm Wt Help: RE: WT3 to WT4 Port
Just for laughs, what happens if you remove the @setLayout@ call?


04:53 pm Wt Help: RE: WT3 to WT4 Port
Great sleuthing! Sorry I couldn't be more help to you.
Just to be clear, you have an indictment against a particul...


03:12 pm Wt Help: RE: WT3 to WT4 Port
Sorry to bear the bad news, but yes, it's a fairly invasive change. I trust you'll grow more comfortable with what's ...


07:03 pm Wt Help: RE: drop tables crash
The query you ran was @select count(1) from ...@ ? Maybe the driver is really good at optimization and knows the answ...
04:27 pm Wt Help: RE: WT3 to WT4 Port
No, you need to rewrite your @deferCreate@ function. Currently, it returns a @DeferredWidget<...>*@, but it should re...
03:53 pm Wt Help: RE: WT3 to WT4 Port
In general, a @std::unique_ptr@ is very much like a normal pointer except two things: 1) you can only have one of the...


02:49 pm Wt Help: RE: Compile error
Would you post a new post with the output you're getting along with the distribution, etc.?


10:11 pm Wt Help: RE: sqlite create table problem
I've noticed that WT tends to be pretty good at logging any errors that happened. If you're not seeing any, maybe run...


03:03 pm Wt Help: RE: Wt SimpleChat example, is it tied to just one server installation?
Plug Gulp wrote:
> From the code it looks like the client and the server handling has to be on the same server.


05:28 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: Wt without widgets.
Apivan Tuntakurn wrote:
> I think the stateless connection in wt is not intuitive
I'm not sure what you mean here...

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