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10:56 am JWt Help: RE: Dbo-QueryModel
Hi Mykola,
Jwt Dbo is an internal project, we have no plans to make it public.
There are quite a few object-rel...


10:04 am Wt Help: RE: Auth1 examples - Help compiling standalone example - clion *NEWBIE*
Hi Giovanni,
The CMakeLists.txt files included in the Wt examples are not meant to be used as top level CMakeLists...


09:38 pm Wt Help: RE: Downloading a file after validation of textfields
It's a bit of a hack, but WApplication::redirect() may work.
Best regards,


11:51 am Wt Open discussion: RE: Can I capture byte blobs of WFileUpload without creating a file on target/host?
Hello Til,
Unfortunately, that is not supported by Wt, and I don't expect it to be a trivial change to support it....


06:26 pm Wt Help: RE: SegmentFault in WRasterImage::write()
Your this pointer in PaintBrush::save (this=0xde00000199, imgFile="sig1.png") looks a bit weird to me. That's...


03:17 pm Wt Help: RE: SegmentFault in WRasterImage::write()
Can you add a stack trace of the segmentation fault?
Thank you,


11:52 am Wt Open discussion: RE: Get information from client without web page
Hello Bruno,
A WResource is what you're looking for: it is a Wt class that is linked to a URL, allowing to handle ...


10:54 am Wt Feature #7021: Repeat button click event as long as the button is kept pressed
Hi Mahmudul,
No such function exists. I guess this can be implemented by implementing mouse handlers on mouseWentD...
10:50 am Wt Feature #7018: WT SSO (Single Sign On)
Hi Momo,
Wt supports SSO through OAuth, both as an identity provider as well as using 3rd party oauth identity pro...


10:47 am Wt Feature #7030: WinPlaceEdit Signal Lacks Source Identification
Hey John,
I notice two different requests in your question:
* I want to identify the sender of a signal
* I wa...

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