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01:03 PM Wt Help: RE: Input field for password
In any case you should use https.
Other than that, Wt Auth follows a number of best practices. Wt does ...
Wim Dumon


08:33 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: Any plans to support QUIC and HTTP3 with wthttpd?
Hey Plug,
Not for immediate implementation. So far we have seen the new protocol support best fit in a reverse pro...
Wim Dumon


01:02 PM Wt Help: RE: Remove clicked in WTableCell
connect returns an object, which has a method to disconnect the connection.
Wim Dumon


09:20 PM Wt Bug #7958: When progressive bootstrap is enabled, setting a WContainerWidget's tag name to "form" causes it to be skipped in the DOM tree
If I'm not mistaken, this would lead to a form-in-form in progressive bootstrap, which is invalid html.
Wim Dumon
02:43 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Bootstrap or not?
Both bootstrap 4 and 5 will be available in a following (the next?) release.
Wim Dumon
01:11 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Bootstrap or not?
we use bootstrap almost exclusively because it's quite easy to find a designer that can create bootstrap the...
Wim Dumon


10:56 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: How to mapclass additional tables and create them in Wt::Dbo ?
I used the term 'migration' to reflect any changes to the db, including creation of new tables. So the answer ...
Wim Dumon


10:12 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: How to mapclass additional tables and create them in Wt::Dbo ?
Dbo can only create tables from scratch. It has no built-in support for migrations. You can for example use...
Wim Dumon
09:42 PM Wt Support #7937 (Feedback): Installing Wt on Windows with MSYS2
Hi Konstantin,
That's great :)
I believe you can create the Wiki page yourself, if not please post the exact co...
Wim Dumon


03:31 PM Wt Help: RE: Compile wt c++ project as shared object .so
Likely one of your dependent libraries is not in your dynamic linker's path.
Check with `ldd the-so-file-you-want-...
Wim Dumon

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