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11:56 am JWt Help: RE: jwt-planner example
Postgres does run on windows, and you can download it from here:
09:40 am Wt Help: RE: Navigating between multiple Wt Applications
OAuth2 is indeed the way to implement this, and Wt implements both the identity provider and the client. The example ...


10:08 am Wt Open discussion: RE: Music streaming server made with Wt
Hello Emeric,
Nice application, thanks for letting us know what you're working on!


04:14 pm Wt Help: RE: Missing DLLs in MSVS
Hi Sebastian,
You can kind of side-step the issue by making release builds instead of debug builds... does that wo...
03:55 pm Wt Help: RE: Missing DLLs in MSVS
Hi Sebastian,
The vc runtime DLL's ending in 'd' are debug dlls, and are somewhat special since they are not prese...


10:29 am Wt Help: RE: Using validator to restrict keystrokes / characters on WLineEdit
You won't be able to do this with a validator. From the top of my head, numeric validators also set the ...
10:22 am Wt Help: RE: Custom db transaction for wt auth with wt dbo
Hello Emeric,
I believe reimplementing startTransaction should do the trick. If there's a place in Wt that does no...


12:25 pm Wt Help: RE: SVG inline image
Hi Im,
A WText with the proper TextFomat (XHTML, or UnsafeXHTML if required & you know what you're doing) should w...


11:46 am Wt Open discussion: RE: Displaying Wimage as a video
Hey Yannick,
The issue is that the browser clears the image when you set the new URL, until the new image is recei...


10:56 am JWt Help: RE: Dbo-QueryModel
Hi Mykola,
Jwt Dbo is an internal project, we have no plans to make it public.
There are quite a few object-rel...

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