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09:25 PM Wt Bug #9556: Cannot hide widgets with bootstrap5 d-* classes
For reference Egor Pugin
09:07 PM Wt Bug #9556 (New): Cannot hide widgets with bootstrap5 d-* classes
I'm using WStackedWidget with d-flex widgets.
All of bootstrap5 display (d-*) classes set them as !important ...
Egor Pugin


06:02 PM Wt Bug #9506: Cannot move callbacks
Also don't be scared of templates and pass everything directly to boost::asio::post() in case if you do not store the... Egor Pugin
05:55 PM Wt Bug #9506: Cannot move callbacks
Possible solution is to use arguments like
std::function<void(void)> f // user will copy or std::move() his cal...
Egor Pugin
05:54 PM Wt Bug #9506 (New): Cannot move callbacks
I'm posting some events to server's io loop (io_context).
But I can't move non-copyable data inside those arg...
Egor Pugin


12:43 PM Wt Bug #8964 (Closed): [boost-1.77.0] build error, wt 4.5.0
win10, msvc, boost-1.77
`src/Wt/Render/CssParser.C(411): error C3861: 'BOOST_FOREACH': identifier not found`
Egor Pugin


11:57 PM Wt Bug #8467 (Closed): [gcc11] Compilation error. Missing <limits> header
`src/Wt/Render/WTextRenderer.C` uses `std::numeric_limits<double>::max()` but does not have `#include <limits>`.
Egor Pugin


02:06 AM Wt Bug #8407 (Closed): [treeview] expand widget is not hidden on removing last child
When removing last child from some parent in a model, node does not deactivate it's expand button.
Egor Pugin


02:10 PM Wt Bug #8344 (New): Missing reference in WComboBox::setModel() argument
There should be a reference in argument probably.
Egor Pugin


12:55 AM Wt Help: Layout of subcontainer in stacked widget with menu
I'm seeing strange behavior of the following example.
Is it me or an issue?
pic1 - e...
Egor Pugin

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