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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
11975 Wt Bug New Normal Compilation issue 09/22/2023 10:44 PM Actions
11974 Wt Bug Review Normal Wt's Dbo Forms has no support for dynamically making fields visible 09/22/2023 04:44 PM Actions
11969 Wt Improvements InProgress Normal Extend and validate widget documentation Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 09/21/2023 10:52 AM Actions
11960 Wt Bug New Normal IBPP 2.5.0 deprecation warning 09/19/2023 10:27 AM Actions
11959 Wt Bug Review Normal Graphics Magick 1.3.28 deprecation warning 09/19/2023 11:56 AM Actions
11955 Wt Bug New Normal Discrepancy between Wt WDate::daysTo and jWt WDate::getDaysTo 09/18/2023 12:14 PM Actions
11954 Wt Bug New Normal Pango (libfontconfig) memory leaks 09/15/2023 12:18 PM Actions
11934 Wt Bug New Normal WSlider vertical doesn't appear Koen Deforche 09/12/2023 05:02 PM Actions
11932 Wt Bug Implemented @Emweb Normal Assigning a new WPopupMenu to a WPushButton that already contains a WPopupMenu Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 09/20/2023 04:20 PM Actions
11897 Wt Support Resolved Low Hide logs of HTTP replies Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 09/11/2023 10:40 AM Actions
11890 Wt Bug Resolved Normal Accessing destructed object when Wt::WPopupWidget is deleted inside hidden handler Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 09/11/2023 10:40 AM Actions
11882 Wt Bug Resolved Normal Bootstrap theme breaks layout of WGroupBox Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 09/11/2023 12:58 PM Actions
11875 Wt Bug InProgress Normal WBoxLayout incorrectly calculates the size of scrollable widgets Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 08/31/2023 01:48 PM Actions
11868 Wt Improvements New Normal Define a signal for when the content of `WStackedWidget` changes 08/09/2023 12:27 PM Actions
11855 Wt Improvements New Normal Provide a shortcut for the loading indicator timeout 08/03/2023 09:17 AM Actions
11833 Wt Bug New Normal Wt PDF output problems with some versions of libharu 2.4.x 07/17/2023 05:17 PM Actions
11812 Wt Bug New Normal Implemented WLogSink but wthttp lib is still using the old logging method. 07/17/2023 12:48 PM Actions
11772 Wt Improvements InProgress Normal Eleminate some warnings when compiling Wt with Clang Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 09/19/2023 10:13 AM Actions
11741 JWt Bug Implemented @Emweb Normal WebSession::Handler::unlock() is not correctly translated to jWt Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 07/31/2023 02:53 PM Actions
11715 Wt Improvements New Normal How to configure fcgid.conf for Wt (Witty) C++ Web Application? 06/15/2023 10:43 AM Actions
11705 Wt Feature New Normal Integrate Multifactor Authentication into Wt's Auth module 06/07/2023 12:18 PM Actions
11704 Wt Bug New Normal Use a more recent Haru / HPDF version 08/08/2023 04:26 PM Actions
11685 Wt Bug New Normal Resize sensor is removed when adding child to layout size aware parent 09/18/2023 04:13 PM Actions
11669 Wt Bug New Normal Delayed invisible changes end up in prelearned stateless slot 06/01/2023 04:18 PM Actions
11628 Wt Bug New Normal Application logic attack prevention: hidden buttons (and others widgets) are clickable 05/17/2023 02:24 PM Actions
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