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01:43 PM Wt Help: Wt::Chart::WAxis::getLabelTicks()
I need to reimplement Wt::Chart::WAxis::getLabelTicks() but I cannot
figure out how to do it.
I have been looking...
Ulf Johnsson


10:07 AM Wt Help: Stop signal from being sent to server
I've encountered something I do not know how to solve.
I have a WPaintedWidget that (sometimes) need to tra...
Ulf Johnsson


11:15 AM Wt Help: Ellipses are not drawn correctly WPainter.drawEllipse
It seems ellipses are not drawn correctly depending on the thickness of their _pen_.
In the picure below all the ell...
Ulf Johnsson


12:06 PM Wt Help: RE: WCartesianChart remove spacing
Oh wait I guess it does something if you first set ... Ulf Johnsson
12:02 PM Wt Help: RE: WCartesianChart remove spacing
Hi Korneel.
I already tried that method, from what I can tell it has no effect what so ever?
Ulf Johnsson
11:19 AM Wt Help: WCartesianChart remove spacing
I was wondering if it is possible to remove some of the "dead space" in charts when using WCartesianChart?
Ulf Johnsson


04:21 PM Wt Bug #7800: WCartesianChart renders barseries over axis
This does not seem to be an issue in FireFox, but it is an issue in Chrome. Ulf Johnsson
10:55 AM Wt Bug #7800 (New): WCartesianChart renders barseries over axis
There seems to be some kind of bleeding when redering a bar series in combination with paning the chart.
Ulf Johnsson
08:33 AM Wt Help: WCartesianChart grid looks bad depending on Pen
It seems there is some issue in how WCartesianChart renders the grid.
This is especially noticible when using...
Ulf Johnsson


11:44 AM Wt Help: RE: WCartesianChart disable pan/zoom for axis
Hmm, that indeed disbles the pan/zoom, but it poses a different problem for me.
I am trying to disable so that the...
Ulf Johnsson

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