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03:43 PM Wt Bug #3602: Overlapping text when using nested layout managers
> In general we recommend to use the web way for layouting when possible, and layouts when necessary
Good to know th...
Pierluigi Vicinanza


09:33 PM Wt Bug #3602: Overlapping text when using nested layout managers

> WText is the more expected widget than WLabel
I tend to use WLabel for the sake of better code readability (so t...
Pierluigi Vicinanza
03:48 PM Wt Bug #3602 (Closed): Overlapping text when using nested layout managers
I'm trying to create a "log page" with a title and a scrolling area displaying several messages (test code and screen... Pierluigi Vicinanza


03:07 PM Wt Bug #3075 (Closed): WComboBox doesn't honour "invalid" selection
When setting invalid index for a WComboBox programmatically, the first item in combo box will be displayed as selecte... Pierluigi Vicinanza


02:27 PM Wt Bug #2083: WSpinBox setSuffix does not work
this is a duplicate of
you'll find a fix on the same page.
Pierluigi Vicinanza


10:14 AM Wt Bug #2009: Core dump when updating a WStandardItem filterKeyColumn with WSortFilterProxyModel
I think this could well be related to Bug \#2039
Pierluigi Vicinanza
10:10 AM Wt Bug #2039: segfault (vector subscript out of range) in WSortFilterProxyModel::sourceDataChanged(...) when setting a new icon for a WStandardItem
Sorry, just realized I forgot to sign in when I reported the bug. Feel free to ask more clarifications if needed.
Pierluigi Vicinanza


06:51 PM Wt Bug #976: segmentation fault when creating a WMessageBox when not executed on a session thread
I think I have a several repro for this bug:
1\) create a custom WDialog dialog (e.g. MyDialog), with a WFileUp...
Pierluigi Vicinanza


05:54 PM Wt Bug #1948 (Closed): WSpinBox is displayed as "Invalid" (red bg) when using pre/suffix
Please find attached a patch to fix the issue.
Pierluigi Vicinanza


12:04 PM Wt Help: RE: "Mobile friendly" version in Wt
Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!
Pierluigi Vicinanza

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