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10:14 AM Wt Bug #4607: [3.3.5.-rc2] JavaScript error "g is undefined"
Yes 3.3.5 (> RC2) fixed this.
Markus Klemm


12:59 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Wt 3.3.5 Binaries
Yeah, would be really nice, so I could see if bug \#4607 i.e. \#4608 is fixed. (And also because this bug is annoying... Markus Klemm


05:18 PM Wt Bug #4607: [3.3.5.-rc2] JavaScript error "g is undefined"
I forgot the screenshot of the client-side
Markus Klemm
05:16 PM Wt Bug #4607 (Closed): [3.3.5.-rc2] JavaScript error "g is undefined"
Using the nice new Wt 3.3.5 RC2, I encountered a bug, probably in the very nice and new interactive Wt::Chart::WCarte... Markus Klemm


03:17 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Has Wt stopped providing binary builds fro release Candidates?
Wohoo, fresh binaries! Even x64 builds
Already downloaded and now compiling.
The only thing which is now missing, a...
Markus Klemm


11:57 AM Wt Open discussion: libpng vulnerability / CVE-2015-8126 / Remote execution in Wt
Hi there,
since Wt uses libpng via at least libharu, and libpng got a major vulnerability (CVE-2015-8126), fixed 5 d...
Markus Klemm


02:02 PM Wt Help: RE: Wt::WAbstractTableModel parent() ambiguous access
Shall I open a ticket?
Markus Klemm
11:08 AM Wt Help: RE: ISAPI deployment docroot understanding
Thanks for replying Wim, that reassures me. I feared I had to manage that too. I'm so glad I made a strict difference... Markus Klemm
10:39 AM Wt Help: ISAPI deployment docroot understanding
when I deploy my Wt application as an ISAPI plugin, how is the docroot handled? Is it set in the IIS, and I just...
Markus Klemm


02:31 PM Wt Help: RE: Refresh/reset link/WResource of WPushButton after click but before redirection
Alright your solution will work at almost all times, but while trying to design it with your recommended way, I stumb... Markus Klemm

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