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03:50 PM Wt Bug #9270: 'Unique IDs' are not unique
I'd like to add some thoughts regarding the random IDs:
* An atomic counter is guaranteed to deliver unique IDs, wh...
Steven Köhler
02:54 PM Wt Bug #9270: 'Unique IDs' are not unique
I added some comments and the time measurement to `main.cpp`. The timer should work with Visual Studio and GCC.
Steven Köhler


09:07 AM Wt Bug #9271 (Review): Invalid DateTime/timestamp conversion in MySQL backend
When examining a MySQL/MariaDB database I use in a Wt project I noticed that all timestamps, without a single excepti... Steven Köhler


09:08 PM Wt Bug #9270: 'Unique IDs' are not unique
This issue is related to an issue Roel created about a year ago: Unfortuna... Steven Köhler
09:02 PM Wt Bug #9270: 'Unique IDs' are not unique
Created the pull request for this issue: Steven Köhler
08:54 PM Wt Bug #9270 (Closed): 'Unique IDs' are not unique
While tracking an issue in my project I stumbled over the `WObject` ID creation, which is done by incrementing a sta... Steven Köhler


01:03 PM Wt Bug #8531 (Closed): Cannot delete/modify remember me cookie when using web sockets
Dear Wt team,
while testing an application I encountered a strange issue with the Wt::Auth remember me functionali...
Steven Köhler

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